Sunday, April 7, 2013

Comics in the Math Classroom

Here are some resources for people that went to my talk on Comics and Graphic Novels in the Math Classroom at this year's NEMATYC conference.

In the presentation, I made reference to the Kuleshov Effect

As well as this really great video about how we learn:

And here is a list of comics that I recommend:


The Cartoon Guide to Calculus
The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
The Manga Guide to Calculus
The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra
The Mystery of the Prime Numbers

Science and Humanities

Wonderful Life with the Elements
The Manga Guide to Physics
The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
Economix (Highly Recommended)
Action Philosophers


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Abstruse Goose
Spiked Math
Phd Comics


Logicomix (Highly Recommended)
Suspended in Language

Comics Theory and History

Understanding Comics (Very Highly Recommended)
Making Comics
The Comic Book History of Comics

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